Features & Benefits
  • SmartWay® Certified as an Advanced Side Skirt.
  • Meets CARB Requirements.
  • Achieved greater than 7% fuel savings in an independent test.
  • Upper Panel made of industry-standard materials that are both flexible and durable.
  • Patented, spring-loaded mounting pillar not only flexes to avoid damage but is pre-loaded to eliminate vibration.
  • Pillar is self-enclosed so it avoids collecting snow, ice, mud, and other road debris.
  • Component design lowers cost of repair. You only replace what you damage.
  • Single piece, flexible Lower Skirt made of TPV rubber raises wind efficiency and ground clearance, as high as 25”, while lowering the risk of damage.
  • Easy, bolt-on installation.
  • The only 4-way adjustable skirt on the market. Both the forward angle and side-pitch can be adjusted to achieve the optimal balance between fuel efficiency, esthetics, and durability.
  • Clean design looks like it belongs on a trailer. The Upper Panel can be color matched.