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* There are dozens of factors that affect fuel consumption and it is impossible to accurately predict future fuel economy. However, TrailerBlade™ has proven fuel savings of 7.15% at highway speeds in accordance with strict EPA testing guidelines. Based on this data, the above can serve as a guide toward what fuel savings you might be able to achieve using TrailerBlade™.

SmartWay Requirements
In order to achieve SmartWay certification, TrailerBlade™ had to demonstrate a minimum fuel savings of 5% to qualify as an Advanced Side Skirt.

The SmartWay test requires that an SAE J1321 fuel economy test be performed at a certified track and be supervised by an independent, certified testing engineer. Both the track and the engineer must be pre-approved by the EPA in order for the test to be valid. Wind speed cannot exceed 12 mph throughout the test and the temperature range is relatively narrow.

The test is run with a loaded trailer, and the fuel is weighed with a calibrated scale to precisely measure the fuel used. These rigorous standards are enforced to ensure that SmartWay certified equipment does what it claims, save fuel.

“Real World” vs. Tested Savings
The SmartWay certification test is conducted at highway speeds. Any aerodynamic device loses effectiveness at lower speeds.

If your tractors spend a large percentage of operating time at lower speeds, then your fuel savings will be less. Therefore, accurately predicting your highway miles is a critical factor in determining your fuel savings.

Inferior Products Will Cost You
The minimum standard for a SmartWay Certified side skirt is 4%. Using the numbers from the example to the right, purchasing a skirt that generates only 4% in fuel savings would reduce your savings by $16,962 over the life of the trailer ($53,847 X 0.0315 x 10 years).

Payback in Months, Not Years
Fuel savings is obviously based on the tractor, but to determine payback, you must use the annual savings per trailer figure calculated in Step 5. Using the example on the right, your payback on TrailerBlade™ at retail price and including labor at retail rates, would be much less than 1 year.

Fuel Savings Photo

Fuel Savings Photo

Fuel Savings Photo